Truconversion Funnel Builder Review And Lifetime Deal Detail




The most challenging job for online business owners, marketers, and UX designers is to attract visitors to your website. After they have walked through your website, the actual value lies in converting them into visitors. Using website heatmap, online marketers can determine the best-performing sides of a web page depending on visitor engagement and identify the areas they are not performing well. It needs improvement and optimization in those underperforming areas.

Truconversion allows you to monitor heatmaps, visitor session records, conversion funnels, form analytics, and more. If you are trying to improve your lead generation funnel, you should follow the many pathways clients take to convert. Truconversion makes it simple to view the many routes taken by the visitors to complete a conversion on your website. Each “Funnel” has a distinctive color, and through Truconversion you can quickly identify which funnels are converting and which aren’t simple by using the Truconversion funnel analysis tool.

What is Truconversion?

It is critical to know what customers want and what they are willing to buy in marketing and persuade them to purchase those items. In these circumstances, Truconversion will help you by identifying how your visitors interact and use your website, in which areas they are more engaged; as a result, you can enhance your marketing strategy by gaining that information.

Truconversion is a very easy-to-use tool that will help you develop the most effective campaign. Heatmaps, session recordings, and form analytics. Truconversion is the ultimate solution for marketers who don’t want to waste their time on ineffective techniques.

What is funnel?

The funnel is a helpful tool the marketer uses to capture leads and increase sales. Commonly, most lead generation utilizes a funnel to direct their intended audience into the sales funnel. Many online marketers use landing pages to direct visitors to product pages or squeeze pages where they ask for their email address in return for a free e-book. This is an easy-to-follow funnel for converting visitors into customers.

Features of Truconversion

Smart Funnel: Most online marketers choose Truconverion for its funnel software that enables you to track, evaluate, and improve your marketing funnels easily and efficiently.

Visitor Session Recordings: Truconversion uses visitor session records to study clients’ behavior, identify troubleshooting spots, and showcase your website with great features.

Heatmaps: Visualizing, evaluating, and improving your website has never been easier, thanks to heatmaps. You can quickly look for what your visitor is doing and where they are going while visiting your website by monitoring their activity.

Feedback Form Track: The state of art form analytics tool will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your forms.

Microsurveys: Companies can ask basic questions and get rapid replies using the on-site surveying tool called Microsurveys.

Surveys: Surveys allow customers and companies to provide feedback on a company’s product or service, which may be used to enhance future offerings.

Truconversion Pricing and Plans

Truconversion’s basic subscription fee is 49$ a month, which allows you to access most of the essential features. If you wish to increase the number of page views, users, and domains associated with your account, the cost will go up slightly.

Truconversion, on the other hand, provides a limited-time feature at Appsumo starting at 69$.

Who is Truconversion for?

  • People who are seeking for a way to keep track of what their visitors are doing on their website.
  • As a media manager, you may require help keeping track of the number of visits to your website.
Who is Truconversion for? $10 off for new users


Online Marketers now have an abundance of tools at their disposal to evaluate the success of their campaigns and make improvements due to the emergence of big data in the past couple of years. Despite their importance to marketers, these tools have a bad reputation for being difficult to understand and utilize.

This is where Truconversion comes to save us all. It provides an analytics dashboard that allows you to monitor and enhance your campaign outcomes by tracking the success of your marketing efforts and the data they generate.