STACKBY AppSumo Lifetime Deal Only at $59 with a $10 Discount for New Users



Introducing STACKBY – a managerial solution that lets you build your own corporation work platform called using customizable worksheet databases and corporate APIs.

You may create your own custom database from scratch, export data from which was before sources such as excel or Google Sheets or choose of over 150+ pre-built themes spanning multiple categories to get started checking straight away! Besides, it also has a Lifetime AppSumo Deal with incredible features that you can use for the rest of your life! Now, let’s go over the benefits of STACKBY and how you could get the Lifetime AppSumo Deal for just $59.

How To Buy STACKBY Lifetime AppSumo Deal @ ($59)?

Buying the deal is as simple as using STACKBY , here are some quick steps you need to take :-

  • First, visit the offer page for “STACKBY Lifetime AppSumo.”
  • Wait for a few minutes, a discount popup will display.
  • To enjoy the unique perks, you must provide your email address.
  • Use the same email address as before.
  • Lastly, you will receive a ten-dollar discount. However, it will only be eligible if you are a new user

So, What Are the Benefits of Using STACKBY Lifetime Deal?

Now, let’s talk about the benefit STACKBY comes with :-

  • While learning the platform, configure fundamental column kinds such as text, number, date/time, collaborators, dropdowns, and ratings.
  • Add formulas for automated computation, import attachments from your computer or cloud storage, or use lookup to reference data from a separate table entirely.
  • Link records across tables to establish a relationship, collect and integrate information from your column, or experiment with any of Stackby’s more than 25+ different column kinds.
  • You can link your columns to well-known third-party APIs.
  • And used the built-in JSON explorers, tell Stackby what information you need, set the fields, and Stackby would do the rest.
  • You can even link a row to a button that sends an SMS or WhatsApp message using the Twilio API.

STACKBY Lifetime Offer (Deal Term)

Unlike other tools that charge so much for a one-month subscription, STACKBY offers a Lifetime Deal, with the following terms: –

  • You’ll have lifetime access to STACKBY.
  • All upcoming Pro Plan updates
  • You have 60 days from the date of purchase to redeem your code(s).
  • There are no codes or stacking required; simply select the plan that is best for you.
  • Please keep in mind that this offer cannot be combined with others.
  • And if you think it’s not right for you then cash back guarantee for 60 days, no questions asked.

STACKBY Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

The STACKBY Lifetime Deal is available at just $59 for License Tier 1 ,so what are you waiting for? Buy now!!