WordPress Best lifetime Deal Divi Theme Review



What is Divi Theme?

Almost all of the WordPress themes available online are pretty good. However, Divi is the most popular WordPress theme. This is a flagship and outward theme. This Divi theme is ideal for all types of sites you don’t want to create with WordPress.

One of its great features is that it is regularly updated and improved. You will now find in this theme some powerful features including a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool, hundreds of website templates, and countless customization options. Divi theme is the best option for you to make your website more beautiful.

What are the Features of Divi Theme?

High-quality Content Template

The most notable highlights of the Divi theme are its template library and page builder tools. If you want to create a custom WordPress website design from scratch, the DV Builder tool will be most useful for you.

However, for everyone else, if you choose this theme for your website, high-quality content templates will play a big role in your site. Surprising to know, these templates cover a wide range of projects ranging from business websites to yoga studios and eCommerce stores to learning management systems.

Reusable Custom Content

One of the great features of this is that whatever you create in Divi Builder, you can save it for use on your site through the global module feature. This includes any modules you edit or customize. When creating reusable assets, you can control how they are updated, including creating dynamic assets that allow you to update all instances at the touch of a button.

Drag-and-Drop Content Editor

Divi builder lets you modify templates or design new content from scratch. It is the most powerful tool for WordPress as it has been updated year after year to always give the best performance.

Ease of Use

This theme is designed to be easily accessible to anyone from beginner to experienced. Its user interface makes it easy to use. If you can get acquainted with this interface after spending some time, you will be able to use it very easily.

Completely Creative Control

All aspects of your content can be customized through the DV Builder interface. Gives you complete control over the design of your posts and pages Following the recent update, the newly added Theme Builder tool gives you complete control over other parts of your website as well.


Divi is a portable tool. This makes it easy to transfer your layout and other resources within the WordPress website. If you plan to create multiple websites with Divi, it has some great time-saving features that can help make your workflow more efficient.

Does Divi Create Impact on Optimization Tool?

Your custom content designs are optimized to help you achieve your business goals, not just to look good. Divi comes with a split-test tool. Although this feature is rare among WordPress themes, it is very useful and surprisingly easy to use.

If you want to find out which version of your page gets the best response from your visitors, it only takes a few clicks to set up a split test with Divi Lead.

Functionality has been integrated with DV Builder. All you have to do is choose which page element you want to test – for example, a button – then enable Divi leads for that element. You can then create a second version of that component. The split testing tool will show one version of your viewers a version and another part of your viewers another version.

Each split test has a goal, such as clicking on a link or going to a specific page. Once the test starts collecting data, you’ll find which version of your page element has the highest conversion rate.

Support and Documentation of Divi

Previously customer support was an area where some of the elegant themes were criticized. Support was provided through a personal discussion forum where customers could post questions and wait for the Elegant Theme Support Team to respond.

Customers have sometimes reported that response times were not very quick and problems were not always resolved. However, to overcome this problem, elegant themes no longer provide support through discussion forums and now use messenger service.

What are the Benefits of Divi Theme?

  • You can get a clean and intuitive interface
  • Use the Divi theme and get an unlimited number of websites
  • It offers incredible values ​​for the money
  • 100+ stunning templates available where you can choose your preferred one
  • Includes bundled with an Extra WordPress theme
  • The Divi drag and drop page builder is easy to use
  • Web designers with coding skills can do amazing stuff with Divi

Does Divi Include Other Elegant Themes Products?

When you buy a Divi theme you will find many more beautiful themes with it. With this theme, you will not only get access to other themes, but you will also get access to all the other elegant theme products. At the time of writing this review, the elegant theme subscription also includes:

  • Get additional WordPress themes for online magazines and blogs.
  • Bloom Email Opt-in Form Plugin to help you grow your customer list.
  • Monarch Social Sharing Plugin to help you get more shares and followers.
  • DV Builder Plugin to add DV Page Builder tools to WordPress websites that use other themes.

How Much Does Divi Cost?

You must be happy to know that Divi is an affordable theme. With this affordable theme, you can enjoy more other themes. It’s not much more expensive than the other best-selling options out there, which don’t come with any additional products.

If you want to buy a Divi theme then you have two options. One gives you lifetime access to all the elegant theme products, including future releases, support, and updates, the other covers you for one year:

Annual access – $89

Lifetime Access – $249

While you can purchase the Annual Access option and continue to use Divi and other unsupported products after the end of the year. You will expose yourself to any potential security issues that may arise but will be fixed in future updates. Plus, you’ll be missing out on any new features and enhancements made to Divi – which happen regularly.

So if you think you have been using Divi for more than 3-years, it makes sense to invest $249 in lifetime access from the start.

If this seems like a big financial expense for a product you haven’t used yet, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you try out Divi and other elegant themed products without risk.