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Sales are all about connecting establishments, but it isn’t easy to trace all the relationships and keep in touch with clients. 

You can use Cooby to remain on top of your client bonds and never lose touch furthermore. It enables you to build powerful relationships on WhatsApp.

What is Cooby?

Cobby Set keeps in touch with reminders, segments clients, delivers personalized WhatsApp texts, and gives recommendations on contacts to reconnect with. A mobile-first sales CRM that assists you in creating a sales engine without a spreadsheet in minutes is called Cooby. Cooby is available on IOS.

Cooby software is a platform used to build relationships with clients. The software offers tools to organize contacts and can segment clients into groups. Collaborate with teams to coordinate tasks with reminders to automate workflows. Small, Medium companies make good use of the software.

Cooby works in a customer relationship supervision setting. Cooby delivers equipment for vendors to automatically develop client profiles, document meetings, track chats and manage assignments. Over 2,000 sales experts worldwide already use Cooby.

Founded in 2019 by Wen and Jocelin, Cooby began its journey to establish a productivity tool that would free up time for agents to do more expressive tasks.

Why should you use Cooby?

Cooby is created for acceleration. Zero configuration time. Create your communication workflows in 30 seconds.

WhatsApp is created for personal usage. Yet, your business depends on it. Mute, Pin, etc., aren’t sufficient for you. Cooby combines everything from tabs, search, and sales processes in one straightforward and spontaneous workspace—right within WhatsApp.

It’s common to lose track of chats. Use Unread, Awaiting Reply, Needs Reply tabs to find a chat thread faster and never miss a text next time!

Your privacy is of vital importance to Cooby. Cooby does not stock your conversation data by default. It will never sell your data or keep it hostage.

Usages of Cooby: 

 First, segment your consumers into committees and set recurring reminders for them. You can formulate as many segmentations as you like! 

We all love messaging for its personal touch. Use Cooby to deliver personalized texts on WhatsApp in bulk.

Never let your leads go cold! Cooby gives you suggestions on contacts that you should reconnect with regularly.

Show your clients that you care by recalling the details. However, you can’t memorize everything, so use Cooby to take notes, sync emails, backup files, etc. 

Features of Cooby:

  • Contact management
  • Call logging
  • Marketing automation
  • Project management
  • Customer support
  • List management

Upcoming features of Cobby:

It maintains its roadmap here! You can observe all the upcoming features and also submit feature requests. It will prioritize features according to user feedback. 

You can also check its changelog page for recent features in each release.

Pros of Using Cooby:

  • Groups Chats for manageable follow up
  • Track chats with notes
  • Good UI & UX. Easy to use

Cons of using Cooby:

  • No task management
  • No mobile app
  • No planned messages


Cooby empowers serving individuals to create healthy long-term connections with their consumers using its helpful customer-management tool efficiently. Colby believes in providing working individuals with “Better tools in hand and having more time to do the things you care!”